Thinking of traveling to the Redwoods with (or without) children? This guide will help you make the most out of your Redwood Vacation.

California’s Redwood Coast is a unique and breathtakingly beautiful destination. From rocky shore lines and coastal dunes to the grandeur of the redwood forests and charm of the neighboring towns, adventure is sure to follow you on your visit. Family-friendly adventures are not at all hard to come by either. Here are a few must do family-friendly activities that help make the perfect redwood vacation. Start your Redwood Vacation now!


Redwood Sky Walk @Sequoia Park Zoo

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Redwood Sky Walk 

See the forest from the trees. At 100 feet above the forest floor, view the canopy and legendary old-growth and mature second-growth redwood trees closer than ever before. The Redwood Sky Walk is a self-guided interpretive experience designed to educate, inspire, and delight visitors. Learn about the rich hidden ecology of the world’s tallest trees from an entirely new perspective. The Redwood Sky Walk sits inside the Sequoia Park Zoo.

Sequoia Park Zoo 

Established in 1907, Sequoia Park Zoo is the oldest zoo in California and also one of the smallest accredited zoos in the entire country. Situated along side a magnificent old-growth redwoods forest that makes up Sequoia Park, the zoo is a true gem in the heart of Eureka. Sequoia Park Zoo is major draw for both tourists and locals alike. A must visit for anyone interested in animals, conservation and education.


Luffenholtz Beach, Trinidad
The Redwood Coast

The rocky shoreline along California’s redwood coast is an absolute must experience. Tidepools here are home to an abundance marine species including mussels, sea stars, anemones, crabs, snails, and more. You can find the best tidepools in Trinidad, CA at the following spots:

  • Luffenholtz Beach
  • Moonstone Beach County Park
  • Trinidad State Beach

NOTE: Please pick up a tide schedule from a visitor center or download a tide tracker app. Always exercise caution along the coast as sneaker waves can be a threat.

Best Hikes for Kids in Redwood National Park

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A couple tourists hiking in Redwood National Park, California

Trillium Falls Trail:

Named for the elegant wildflower of the Redwood Coast, Trillium Falls trail meanders through a very attractive stand of old-growth redwoods. This 2.5 mile loop features a beautiful waterfall that runs over large boulders and gorgeous ferns. Simply magical and definitely one of the most popular hikes in Redwood National Park.

Elk Prairie Trail

Enjoy this 3.2-mile loop trail generally considered to bean easy route. Elk Prairie Trail only takes on average about an hour to complete. The trail skirts around the Elk Prairie Meadow offering visitors the opportunity to see the local Roosevelt Elk herd that resides in the park. This is also a popular trail for birding so bring binoculars if you have them.

Karl Knapp Trail (Prairie Creek) Trail

This 4 mile round trip moderate level trail is highly recommend for kids but is an absolutely stunning hike for any level of hiker. The trail is open year-round and is beautiful to visit anytime. Here you can discover ancient redwoods (including the famous “Corkscrew Tree“), coastal streams, as well as wildlife. Prairie Creek Trail is an easy and rewarding trail for all.

* Every 1st Saturday from Oct – June Newton B. Drury Parkway in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park closes to vehicle traffic for “Bike & Hike Day“, creating a wonderful opportunity for bicyclists to enjoy the parkway without the worry of competing traffic. Great for families with young children looking for a safe and easy ride on their Redwood Vacation.

Become a Junior Ranger

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Ranger-Guided Program (available June – August)

Want to learn even more about your parks on your family-friendly Redwood Vacation? And also earn cool badges while you are here? There are a variety of educational programs are available to youth through the Junior Rangers Program at Redwood National and State Parks. These programs are fun, informative, and also free!

Getting There

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Road Trip Time! Take the Avenue of the Giants Bypass on Highway 101

Start your Redwood Vacation now!

Your redwood vacation will take a bit of planning, but can be an easy and pretty budget-friendly trip, especially if you are traveling with the whole family. If you’re used to traveling big highways or making day trips from big cities this trek will be completely different. The drive is about 5 hours from the San Francisco Bay Area and 6 from Portland, Oregon. There are several inexpensive daily flights coming into California Redwood Coast-Humboldt County Airport making access to this more remote region pretty accessible.

That being said, the drive to the redwood coast is absolutely stunning and something you will never forget once you experience it. So it is definitely worth considering a road trip if you are within a reasonable distance. Highway 101 is a windy coastal road that takes you through redwood forests and a variety of small towns.You will pass through, Eureka (the largest town), Arcata, McKinleyville, Blue Lake & Trinidad, all well suited to be your hub for exploring the redwoods.

Where To Stay

Humboldt County Vacation Rentals

Fairhaven Retreat, Eureka CA

 Redwood Vacation Lodging 

Amongst all of the local area lodging option available, short-term vacation rentals provide the most bang for your buck, especially when traveling with the entire family. There are many properties conveniently located and within about an hour drive of the region’s favorite beaches, forests, parks and trails.

There is so much adventure and exploring to be done, it is easy to lose track of when exploring the redwoods! Should you find yourself with extra time during your stay, vacation rentals allow you to enjoy the many amenities of unique properties such as hot-tubs,  saunas, ping-pong tables, bikes, fire-pits, bbqs, views, the list goes on.In addition to these family-friendly rentals, there are also many pet-friendly rentals because we all know the fur babes are part of the fam too!


Whether you are seeking something in the heart of downtown, beachside, or pet-friendly, there are several options available for you. The local area property managers have extensive knowledge of the area and are always happy to assist guests in having the best redwood vacation possible.


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