Soaring as high as 300+ feet, Sequoia sempervirens (Coast Redwoods) are the tallest trees on the planet. And there is no secret that some of the world’s tallest Redwood Trees can be found along California’s breathtakingly beautiful Redwood Coast. Coast Redwoods only grow on the Northern Pacific Coast and every year thousands of visitors to the region flock to Redwood National & State Parks to take in the sight of these rare and majestic giants. Here is a list of some of the world’s tallest redwood trees found right here within this unique and simply stunning park systems.


Hyperion Tree

world's tallest trees

Measuring in at a whopping 380 feet tall, the Hyperion Tree is the world’s tallest known living tree. This massive coast redwood was first discovered in 2006 in a remote area of Redwood National Park. It is estimated that the Hyperion tree is around 600 years old, with some estimates coming in closer to 700-800 years old.
While it is extremely tempting to want to visit Hyperion, the exact location of the tree is being kept secret. After discovering signs of manmade destruction, the National Park Service closed off access to this tree and is now focusing on the protection of this mighty marvel.

Stratosphere Giant

world's tallest trees
A more accessible one of the world’s tallest trees is the Stratosphere Giant located in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, which grows right alongside Bull Creek. This humongous tree was first discovered in 2000 is now considered the 4th tallest tree in the world. Stratosphere Giant measures in at an impressive 371.1 ft tall!
Apart from the Stratosphere Giant, Humboldt Redwoods State Park is home to the most spectacular stands of redwood groves. The park encompasses over 53,000 acres, including 17,000 acres of old-growth coast redwoods. The park is open year ’round and recreational activities are available throughout all four seasons.





Helios Tree

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Helios Grove is located beside a Redwood Creek tributary in Redwood National Park. This grove includes 3 of the 30 tallest trees on Earth: Daedalus, Helios, and Icarus. Helios, first discovered in 2006, held the title of worlds tallest tree prior to the discovery of Hyperion tree. It measures up to a whopping 377 ft tall.
Helios is now officially dubbed the world’s 2nd tallest tree and the 6th largest tree in Redwood National Park. While it is the tallest and largest tree in Helios Grove itself, the location isn’t something you’ll just find on a map so be prepared to do a little additional research before setting out on an adventure to find this giant.


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world's tallest trees

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