Bicycling through the Redwood Coast of Humboldt County, CA is the perfect way to see parts of the region that you might normally not. This guide of the top 5 Biking Trails in Humboldt County will take you to bicycle trails you’ll want to ride over and over again.

Discovery trails that take you through ancient forest or along coastal bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There are trails here for riders of all ages and levels to experience.


Hammond Coastal Trail

biking trails humboldt county

Voted “Best place to walk, jog, or bike” in Humboldt County, this 5+ mile multi-use trail is actually part of the California Coastal Trail system which is a network of trails that provides the opportunity to walk and bike the entire length of California’s Coast.

The Hammond Coast Trail section stretches from Arcata north to Clam Beach County Park in McKinleyville and meanders along side coastal bluffs that overlook the Pacific Ocean.

If you want to take a bike ride in Humboldt County, this is the place!


Trail System at the Arcata Community Forest

biking trails humboldt county

Find some of the best biking trails in Humboldt County in the redwood forest located just blocks from downtown Arcata.

Arcata’s Community Forest is an approximately 790 acres recreation area known for its exceptional network of well maintained trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding. Trail Maps are available at the parking lots so be sure to check which of the parks trails are open to cyclists.

Some of the most popular and top rated rides within this trail system (and the region as a whole) include Peanut Butter, Ridge Road #12, and Upper Arcata Ridge. But there are many more that will allow you to experience this magical park by bike.

Redwood National Park Trails (South)

biking trails in humboldt county

There are several bike trails in Redwood National Park, but the main biking trail hub, if you will, is located in the southern section of the park system. Visiting cyclist have the opportunity to explore a variety of different trails here that allow you to peddle through ancient redwood groves as well as sections of the California Coastal Trail. The most popular trails in the park are as follows:

Davidson Trail –

This popular 3 mile popular green (easy) singletrack trail takes on average 19 minutes to complete.

Streelow Creek – 

The Trinidad Bay Streelow Creek is a 2 mile popular intermediate singletrack trail l completed on average in about 16 minutes.

Lost Man Creek – 

For those seeking a bit more adventure, Lost Man Creek Trail is an 11-mile black diamond (very difficult) singletrack trail which on average takes about 1.75 hours to complete.

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

biking trails humboldt county

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

Home of the world famous Fern Canyon, Prairie Creek Redwood State Park’s trail system is one that will take you through lush forest, deserted beaches, and grasslands where you can almost always find herds of grazing Roosevelt elk.

Of the parks trails, Ossagon is the most popular for cyclist. This 5 mile popular scenic trail is located in the heart of Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park which is located near Orick California.

On average it takes 1.5 hours to complete this intermediate singletrack trail and it is pretty darn spectacular the entire length.

Blue Lake Trails (aka Hatchery Ridge Trail System)

biking trails humboldt county

This network of  trails was built on private timber land by the Redwood Coast Mountain Bike Association (RCMBA). Their partnership with local resource management organizations has created a unique opportunity for the establishment of this extensive trail system exclusive for mountain bikes only (no e-bikes).

That being said… expect all the mountain biking action when riding Blue Lake, including steep, rugged, singletrack trails that twist through the Redwoods.

Please note… The Blue Lake Trails are not open to the public and you must be a member of the local trail association Redwood Coast Mountain Bike Association to ride these trails. Visit their site for more details on how to become a member.

Bike Tours

biking trails in humboldt county

Head out on a guided bike tour with Wild Trail, your local Humboldt connection to bike rentals, tours, hiking & more…

Tours with Wild Trail include Arcata Redwood Forest Bike Tour, the Hammond Trail Coastal Bike Tour, and more. And if you are booking a tour for 3+ guests be sure to use Promo Code GROUPBIKE for 10% off your purchase!



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